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The Ogg Video Tools  

The Ogg Video Tools

The "Ogg Video Tools" is a toolbox for manipulating Ogg video files, which usually consist of a video stream (Theora) and an audio stream (Vorbis). It includes a number of handy command line tools for creating an manipulating these video files, such as for splitting the different streams.

Actually there are the following tools available:

oggResize, oggThumb, oggSlideshow, oggCut, oggCat, oggSplit, oggJoin, oggDump and oggLength

For a more detailed description, please take a look at the menu at the left, visit Floss Manuals or watch the screencast which gives an introduction to basic aspects of the Ogg Video Tools.

How to encode a video to ogg/theora

For this you can use ffmpeg2theora, ffmepg itself or the firefox extension firefogg.

How to get it to the web

To produce an ogg video file is one thing. To get it on your webpage is an other.

Firefox 3.5 and the next Opera and Crome releases support the html 5 video tag with ogg/theora/vorbis. This means that you can embedd a video into your webpage very easily and without bothering your views with installing plugins.

But how to do that?

The easiest way (in html) is the following:

<video width="320" height="240" controls="controls">
<source src="" type="video/ogg" />


And there is one other thing: you need to prepare your webserver to understand the mime type correctly, as firefox uses the minetype and not the file extension any more.

(Apache configuration)

# Ogg
AddType audio/ogg .oga .ogg
AddType video/ogg .ogv
AddType application/ogg .ogx

AddDescription “Ogg compressed music” .oga .ogg
AddDescription “Ogg compressed video” .ogv
AddDescription “Ogg multimedia” .ogx

File extensions

The file extensions for ogg files, regardless of it's content, are often set to *.ogg in the web. So don't be afraid if you see them.

I would like to encourage you to use the new specification for mimetype/file extensions defined by the xiph foundation to let the files work properly with your web-server and web-browser:

This definition can also be found here.

If you have never heard of a Skeleton, don't be upset - it is not mandatory for video and audio files. It is also not supported by the Ogg Video Tools. If you like to learn more about the Skeleton, please read this.

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